About Us

This is the story behind The Lace Cactus.. Enjoy 

The Lace Cactus originally was opened in October of 2012. I was a stay at home mother to our daughter Aubrey with my son Benjamin on the way. I wanted to help contribute to our family financially. 

As a child I spent a lot of time with my grandparents. They both ran small businesses in Hico, such as the laundry mat, a tire shop, bed and breakfast and also an antique store. Growing up around this sparked a fire inside of me to one day start a business of my own. But why a clothing store you might ask? We did not grow up with much, we spent the summer going to garage sales and thrift stores. My clothes were not always new but I had an eye for fashion and no one would ever know the difference. My mother often went without so that we could have things we needed. So my fourth grade year of school I became having a garage sale where I would save up my own money to put toward a new school wardrobe. Clothes were always important to me. I enjoyed putting outfits together and getting dressed up. It was a childhood dream that I simply never let go of.

I originally started out making custom home décor and hand making every thing that was sold. We did not have the money to spare for me to start out a business so I had to work for it. I decided to start a Facebook page for the business. I posted some of my custom pieces and within a week I had a 1000 followers. It took off over night. I was getting so many orders from day one that I had to have a waiting list to keep up. By May of 2013 the page had 9000 followers and I decided to take a break to be with our new born son. Knowing the time I had to put into the business I was very hesitant to start it back up. I was going in a different direction with clothing and accessories and I had $1500 to buy merchandise for my start up. The page grew and grew! Our followers on Facebook went through the roof! I was still running the page out of my home and was able to hire my mom as the shipper and my sister was hired to run customer service and send invoices. All of our sales were strictly through Facebook. February of 2014, I found a building downtown Hico. This was where I had always dreamed of running my business and it was finally falling into place. We were at 50,000 Facebook fans and business was better than ever! We had almost 200 Lace Cactus gals arrive for our grand opening and the store started off with an unbelievable start.Fast forward three years, winning Global Overall, Texas Overall and Texas Online Boutique in the 2017 Boutique Hub awards. The Lace Cactus is no longer hand painted signs in my garage. With over half a million online followers and the reputation of some of the most loyal customers in the industry, we have grown to one of the most well known boutiques in the nation. We are ranked number 7 in the nation for USPS output. Shipping hundreds of retail items across the globe daily. The Lace Cactus is a true family run business.. My mother pulling every package, grandmother folding every item, and sister shipping every order. We have an additional staff of amazing girls that help this business run. 

I have no background in business or marketing. I never attended college. I am a 26 year mother of two. That is it.. I am just an average person who had a huge dream and made it happen. I work late every night, pray every single day for my business to work and go above in beyond to keep my business on track. I am determined and stubborn. I was not going to take no for an answer.

My goals for the business are to simply be happy, provide for my family and offer fashionable yet affordable clothing to our local gals and the half million online customers we have. Ilove my job and the customers that have become my friends. The Lace Cactus Facebook page is like a second family to me. These women are so loyal to us and we are to them. We do not like to compete. I have always been one to do what I want and not really pay attention to what others are doing around me. I am my biggest competition. I constantly strive to be better than I was the day before. To work harder, pray more and stay happy. 

This business started on a dime and has grown into something bigger than any of us can even comprehend. We are so thrilled at the amazing journey this has been and pray that God continues to bless us. If God decided tomorrow that The Lace Cactus was no longer going to be apart of the journey of my life.. I would be hurt but it would be bittersweet to know that I was blessed enough to live my dream and rocked at it.

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