Surviving Retail Book Customizable {Pre-Order May}


Packet Option

Each article includes a minimum of 5 full pages and as many as 30 pages of knowledge.  

  1. Starting a business
  2. Where should I sell?
  3. How do I sell?
  4. Where do I buy?
  5. Target audience (HIGHLY recommended for all readers)
  6. Owner tasks 
  7. Content Creative Guide (HIGHLY recommended for all readers)
  8. Social Media Audit 
  9. Markdown System
  10. Closet Purge
  11. Yearly Sales Planning
  12. Airbnb Photoshoots
  13. Storefront Guidelines
  14. Employee Guide Book
  15. Seasonal Box Up’s 
  16. Showing Love to Your Biggest Buyers
  17. Commission Program for Staff
  18. Sales Reps/ Influencer Program
  19. Quick Sales Boosts for Slow Times
  20. Website Organization for Ideal Shopping Experience
  21. Revamping Stale Merchandise for Amplified Sales
  22. Collection Planning (HIGHLY recommended for all readers)
  23. Time Management for Better Balance (HIGHLY recommended for all readers)
  24. 25 Most Valuable Things I Learned in Business
  25. The Secret Behind Keeping Staff for the Long Haul
  26. Black Friday Strategy


Select the article numbers of choice based on the quantity of articles that are included in your purchase. Include these article numbers you have chosen in the “notes” section of your order at checkout.

For example:

If you purchased the packet of 5 articles. Your notes will look like this: 5,7,11,15,23

I have recommended 5 articles that I feel will be valuable to any level of business owner or even those who are just getting started!

NOTE: You will receive your customized binder, including all chosen articles by mail.


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