COMEBACK YEAR ✨ Jan.21st Live Seminar/Course Event

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Did you bring a little more into 2024 than you hoped for? Does the “new year, new you” term, already feel out of reach as the lingering burnout, uncertainty and overall feeling of being lost, lingers into your “fresh start”? 

I began noticing an issue on my social media feed throughout the year, that raised every red flag that my 2016  year created. Burnout, mental health decline, financial strain and not to mention, the added stresses that we face in humanity. I knew that this was my opportunity to finally share with the world, the steps, mindset and systems built around my 2016 crash and recovery. 

“It was a school day. I couldn’t tell you what day, month, what I was wearing or what I was doing before sitting on my kitchen floor. But I know it was a school day. Because I had a choice in that moment that made this factor so relevant in the memory. Option A. I stay frozen in the stress and impossible task of paying my light bill with -$24.03 in my bank account. Then we eat dinner by candlelight until someone, one day, saves us. Option B. I realize the hard truth that I’m the one who must save us. I gather every last ounce of me to drag my self to my feet. I walk to stand in the mirror and wipe my tear soaked cheeks. And then I tell myself “this is it… you have don’t have another option!” 

…. I went with option B. And over the next 12 months, I would surpass every measurement of success that I thought I had lost. Gaining back momentum solo, to doubling my previous staff within months. Outgrowing 4 warehouses in less than a year and growing a negative account to millions within the year. Hard work was involved. But it was the mindset, strategies and systems formed in that timeframe that made the impossible… possible. 

Join me, as I walk you through a system that can reset, redirect and get yourself/ business out of survival mode.

✨Rock Bottom is the ideal place to be in business. Crazy. I know. But this intro will open your minds to what life is presenting us. To every negative.. there is an equal positive in everything we experience. Your perspective will shift once you hear what rock bottom has to offer!

✨Finance Audit: Business accounts, to personal saving and all the unused apps we keep paying for on our phones. Knowing where you stand before you build or rebuild is crucial! 
        *Bonus: “Operating Costs”: we will dig even deeper to find exactly what it costs for you to live and operate your business each day! This strategy was the key to me making major moves that truly set the structure for my regrowth. 

✨Mindset: the number one method to success starts within our minds. We will analyze distractions, root problems and what’s actually holding you back! We will discuss systems and actions to remove these mental blocks and get you back on track with a game-plan based on solid ground!

✨The trick to starting on a dime… or rebuilding on one. I’ll provide the steps I took when starting my company with nothing but a dream and being pushed to test this strategy once again as I rebuilt.

✨Survival Kit: I’ll break down a proven system to “rebrand” or reintroduce stale inventory when funds aren’t an option for additional merchandise.

✨Soul Evaluation: closing out the course with a deep glimpse at where our heart and brain connect. Are you on the right path? This section will be the most eye opening and transformational. This section has been built on my 2023 inner work break from retail. 9 months of soul searching lead me to exiting retail and approaching a new era I never imagined. I’ll lay the keynotes from my experience to open your heart and mind to what may be causing your burnout, stress or the feeling you are falling out of love with your dream. 

January 21st at 7 pm, I will be hosting a live seminar to implement my “Comeback Year” strategy.

Once your purchase is made, you will be sent a link to the email provided for the event. Be sure and set your remainder for the event! If for any reason, you are unable to attend. The live video will be accessible at any time through the link provided! 



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