Mermaid Sequin Insulated Tote Bag



  • Cool Iridescent Sequin Soft-sided Insulated Purse Tote For Beach

    Style and function combine to make one awesome insulated tote bag. The fun and flirty mermaid sequin design keeps you looking cool at park picnics and beach outings while keeping your bottles, cans, and food snacks cool too! Soft-sided for easy storage, the portable zipper tote has plenty of room. It can keep all manner of items chilled, fitting eight beverage cans comfortably in the bottom, there is still room to stack them 2 high. You can even fill them with a number of ice cold water bottles, multiple bottles of wine, or even full packed lunches. No more tired reusable totes for the grocery shop, take on the weekly task with the inexpensive iridescent tote to keep your veggies fresh or your ice cream from melting.
    19" (L) x 7" (W) x 13" (H)
    Features reversible iridescent sequins
    Insulated to keep your beverages cool or food hot
    Large enough to carry bottles of wine or champagne
    Fits up to 16 standard cans comfortably
    Recommended for use with sealed ice packs

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